Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another one!!!

So, I had some spotting last night. I called today and left a message for the nurse. She wanted me to come in for a sonogram and check. So I did. I went for the sonogram and there is a sac right where it should be. The doctor says that it looks good for how far along I am. The kicker is that I have another fibroid. The sonographer says it is in a "good" location and that it is very small, but my other ones were very small. This has me the most nervous out of anything. They took blood to measure my hormone levels and I will go back and have more blood drawn on Friday, and then go back for a sonogram on Monday.

The fibroid thing really has me thrown. I am so nervous about it. As if I was not nervous enough about this pregnancy to begin with, I have to worry about another fibroid growing along with the baby. Just hoping for the best! I am pretty nervous though.

I met Dr. Wagner today, Dr. Goldman's partner. He was very nice and eased my mind a little bit, but I realize that there is only so much that they can say and that they know. It was reassuring though and at least I know the sac is in the right place.

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