Wednesday, August 5, 2009

first prenatal visit

I went to the doctor for my first official prenatal visit yesterday. The baby is measuring just right and the heartbeat is strong. My due date is still March 9th. He has some concerns regarding my cervix being shorter than he would like. He is concerned about an incompetent cervix and preterm labor. He is sending me for a high risk consultation and sonogram to measure the length of my cervix. The doctor wants to find out if I am a good candidate for progesterone treatment as well as possibly a cervical stitch. That one he is really not sure of, but he seems like the progesterone might be a good idea. He said with the miscarriage and the surgery those are his concerns with me. As for the fibroid, which is what freaked me out, he is not too concerned, but will monitor it. He said it is in a location that should not interfere with the pregnancy.

I am pretty nervous, but I know that he is doing everything that he can. I go back in three weeks for an appointment and the ultrascreen sonogram that tests for down syndrome. Hopefully I will get into the high risk place soon and I have to go for bloodwork today, but that is just the routine testing.

I go next week for the high risk consult. I am nervous, and anxious.

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